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Seminar of the dEIC

It is organized every year by the dEIC. This seminar is appropriate for both, professors and students from the Group and professors, reseachers or students from other universities. The seminar extends to all the academic year although usually the sessions are concentrated in four months, from February to May. In this period, every session starts at 11.00 am at C. Shannon Seminar (QC/2012) in the Escola Tècnica Superior d'Enginyeria of the UAB.

Seminar Conferences CCD'2011, course 2010-2011

You may also take a look to the contents of the seminars from previous years:

[CCD'2010], [CCD'2009], [CCD'2008], [CCD'2007], [CCD'2006], [CCD'2005], [CCD'2004], [CCD'2003], [CCD'2002], [CCD'2001], [CCD'2000], [CCD'99], [CCD'98], [CCD'97], [CCD'96]

For more information you may get into contact with Jaume Pujol ,

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