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Information and Communications Engineering

Advanced Computer Science Master
(Coding, Compresion and Security)

The dEIC organizes an itinerary within the Advanced Computer Science Master. Depending on his previous degree, the student must obtain 60 or 120 ECTS credits.

Rules for master students

There will be a research work tutor (RWT), that will be choosen by and among the master professors. Until that election is made, dEIC's master coordinator will perform the RWT functions.
A student enrolling the first academic year will have the RWT as his tutor. The RWT will inform the students that work as teachers for the dEIC and those who don't, about the research lines in the dEIC and the future oportunities in each of theese lines. He will also advise on what subjects the student should enroll.
The master student must actively attend, while he is doing the master, to the combinatory and digital communication seminars which take places in the dEIC during the second semester.
When the research work is finished, the RWT and the student will talk and decide the assignation of the student to a research line, in the case that the student wants to continue with the PhD.

Master program 2018-2019 Coding, Compresion and Security itinerary.

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