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Information and Communications Engineering

Research areas

Combinatorics and algebraic codification. This was the first area of research in the Dept. It is focused on the study, construction and classification of algebraic codes for error-detection and correction in digital transmission systems. Currently, new families of non-linear binary codes are considered, specially, 1-corrector perfect codes and Z4-lineal, Q8-codes,... Publications
Compression and classification. This is one of the youngest topics of the Dept. Two fundamental aspects of information processing are considered: classification and compression. In the case of classification, classic techniques as binary decision trees or linear discriminant analysis, as well as modern techniques as bagging or cascading are studied. In the case of compression, focused mainly on image compression, theoretical and practical research is currently under development in each one of the three steps of most image coding systems: transform (wavelets), quantization (both scalar and vector, in particular lattice vector quantization), and entropy coding (Huffman coding and arithmetic encoding); rate/distortion theory is also investigated to achieve high compression ratios while maintaining an acceptable quality of the recovered images. Publications
Cryptography and computational security. It's centered on studying protocols for secret-sharing and its applications to the secure managing and transmission of information through telematic networks. Particularly, several cryptographyc protocols have been designed and implemented aiming at performing a secure voting process in a computer network environment. Publications
Implicacions socials de la tecnologia i l'enginyeria. Aquesta és una línia de recerca interdisciplinària en què s'analitzen les molt diverses influències i conseqüències de les noves tecnologies en la societat, especialment en l'àmbit de les TIC (Tecnologies de la Informació i les Comunicacions). Atès el món cada cop més interdependent en què vivim, les implicacions ètiques són de les més importants que aquí es consideren, tant en l'entorn professional com en els àmbits de la justícia social, el desenvolupament i la sostenibilitat.

Moreover, the staff of the dEIC also carries out research work in other areas of Computer Science, mainly, graph theory, designs, neural networks and information theory. Publications